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5 Recommended Place in Labuan Bajo for Your Honeymoon Menjerite Island. (Taken from:  instagram @anggiasihombing)

TIMESTUBAN, NUSA TENGGARA TIMUR – Are you planning for your Honeymoon? Have you find a perfect romantic place you could spend with your spouse? Well, Labuan Bajo has 5 recommended place for you to go. Check this out.

1.    Bukit Cinta (Love Hill)

If you love some adventure and hiking, Love Hill could be a perfect place for you to take your love one. You could walk to the top of the hill for 30 minutes. And once you get on the top you will feel like you are watching heaven in front of you.

The greasy savanna will welcome you once u get on the top and the big blue sea scenery will be be your prize that made your honeymoon feel more romantic. You better start hiking on 17.00 (local western time) to get the best view of twilight.

2.    Blue Parrot

Blue parrot is a hotel which provided sea view room. This place also has a romantic dinner package that suit your honeymoon time. Make sure you get a table next to the window because this table will give you the best scenery ever.

3.    Desa Cancar (Cancar Village)

This village offer you a beautiful greenish farming scenery. They even have what they call as lingko (a spider cobweb like field). To get the best view you need to hike up to the hill. Then from the top of the hill you will see the field forming a cobweb.

4.    Pantai Pede (Pede Beach)

This beach will give you a beautiful sunset scenery that is so worth to wait. The white sand spread out along the shore makes this beach look even prettier. There is also some boat to rent if you would like to take your love one for sailing.

5.    Pulau Menjerite (Menjerite Island)

This place is quite popular with the beauty of the sea. The crystal clear water of the ocean is so perfect for snorkeling. There is a long wooden bridge connecting the shore to a small harbor where a boat is ready to take you to sail around the sea to see its beauty.

So that's the five romantic place for you to spend your honeymoon with your loved one in Labuan Bajo. These beautiful places will make your Honeymoon feel complete and unforgettable. (*)

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